Miners4.me is the ultimate list of bitcoin mining software and bitcoin mining websites.


Binance – The worlds biggest crypto exchange, hold coins here to earn POS mining rewards.

Stake Cube – Online proof of stake coin mining, hold coins in the wallet and get daily rewards.

Bet Fury – Mine BFG tokens by gambling on this platform, tokens pay daily rewards in bitcoin and tron.

Earn Bet – Another gambling platform where you mine tokens by gambling, earn monthly payments.

Nice Hash – Worlds biggest bitcoin mining company, easy software, works with asics, gpus and cpus.

Miner Gate – One of the best pieces of mining software, mine with GPU and CPU, mines monero.

Computta – Easy to use web based bitcoin mining, good for CPU mining and mobile phone mining.

Hash Flare – Allows you to buy hash power and mine bitcoin automatically then buy more power.

Kucoin – Popular crypto exchange, hold KCS tokens and other tokens to earn POS mining rewards.


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